Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Thing #6, Week 3

Here is a "Trading Card" I created on

Thing #7, Week 3

Anything Technology-Related That Interests Me.....last week I used a digital camera to take photos of RTI posters the staff of Lake Otis Elementary created as we identified students for focused math support based on data.  Instead of summarizing, re-typing, or risk losing the posters....I took photos of them and sent them to teachers so they can refer to them as they plan instruction and monitor student progress.  This week, I was VERY interested to check out Ruth Mount's new LiveScribe pen...I want one!!  Second Life interests me in that I wish the learning curve weren't so steep as to encourage more techno-curious educators to use it as a collaboration tool.  I also wish I had more time to explore the topics that interest me on the web...research and such. : )

Thing #8 Week 4

What do you like about RSS and newsreaders? I have been meaning to set this up in my iGoogle...Martina Henke piqued my interest.  I'm always looking for time savers and this is great.  It was challenging to find sites with RSS feeds that I was interested in enough/or had relevant enough information to be useful and applicable to my job.  I have subscribed to the following sites through their RSS feeds: Math, Education, and Everything Else, About Mathematics, Education, and eSchool News - Best Practices

How do you think you might be able to use this technology in your school or personal life? 
By choosing relevant topics I am interested for my profession, I will use this technology every day as I attempt to stay current with what is happening in the education scene nationally.  : )  I could cut my entertainment budget by subscribing to People magazine's RSS....

How can libraries use RSS or take advantage of this new technology?  How about how can Math Curriculum Departments take advantage of this new technology?  I am always wondering what is going on in similar school districts of our size, or wanting to compare instructional coaching programs, or wondering what current research says about a certain topic.  Using an RSS feed is an efficient way to stay current and not have to re-create the wheel every time I get on the net to research something.  I plan on adding additional feeds as I find sites that are useful to me. 

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Week 3, Thing #5

Flickr:  I've created a Flickr account and uploaded a photo.  The pic above is from Washington D.C. when I attended the National Council of Teacher of Mathematics National Convention last April.  I changed all my privacy settings...creeps me out a bit that photos I post can be searched, downloaded etc.  That's me and my digital immigrant-ness expressing itself!

Tagging:  I've tagged photos in Facebook before and I imagine the process works much the same here, although on Flickr you can tag a photo to show up and be viewed by a specific "group" of users and also that one photo can accomodate 75 tags.

Groups: is a group of users you are a member of, like all the library groups.  What a great way to share what's going on around the world with folks that have similar library functions, programs, etc.


Week 2, Thing #3

I now have a blog, "Ann Ibele's Learning Blog," with a template and an avatar.  I exported my avatar from Yahoo, but it didn't appear  on my blog until I updated my profile on ..... Google.  I don't quite get how everything is linked (probably through Google), but now the pic of my avi shows up on my blog!  Thank you to Ann M. for helping to motivate me to get started...just needed a little nudge from a friend!  : )